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What is Soul Painting?


Soul Painting & Intentional Creativity are a way of connecting to your soul through art.  It is a process in which your innermost truths are revealed through image and creativity.  It is a process of listening to your intuition in a new way.

Through this process you can move through an inner cycle of healing, clearing the way for greater soul communication, embodiment and alignment with yourself.

The final piece of art becomes a talisman; an object that holds the energy of your soul that can assist you in maintaining a connection to your divine nature.

·       Learn intuitive painting

·       Clear inner blocks

·       Release patterns limiting creativity

·       Allow inner truths to be revealed

·       Clear obstacles to the Divine Feminine

·       Create a sacred painting infused with your souls energy



I never knew how much I needed creative expression in my life. It makes me feel more whole and helps me find peace and stillness in moments of unease.

~ Soul Painting Participant


I am in need of a "helper" for each class to assist with set up and take down of the room.  If you would like a half price class for an hour of help before and after class, please let me know!



“Thank you so much for creating and holding this precious space for creative flow. I felt very safe to express myself and felt a very clear connection with my soul.”
~Soul Painting Participant