Intentional Creativity Workshops

Healing Through Art


Celebrate Your Curls

Sunday April 28th 1 - 4pm

$125 Materials included

Victoria BC, location TBA

As a curly haired person and hairstylist to hundreds of curly people I understand we all carry a “story” about our curly hair. We can cut, style and control our locks until the cows come home but if we don’t surrender our negative beliefs about our hair we will never fully love what we see a top our heads.

This three hour workshop will help you discover what is keeping you from loving and seeing beauty in your curly hair, in all its expressions. You will create a painting that celebrates the uniqueness of your natural curls, infused with healing and self love affirmations that will grow a positive inner state within you.


Fierce Aging

Two day workshop

May 11th and 12th 2019

$450 early bird April 27th, $495 after

Victoria BC, location TBA

Shed your story about ageing. Express the beliefs, emotions and energy that holds you back from standing in your power as a mature fierce woman. Paint yourself and the journey, the gifts, the lessons and the wisdom into a soul painting that will empower you to honour and revere yourself and the stage and age that you are.

In our two days together, we will circle, go inward, listen and share what holds us hostage from within. We will identify and free, through painting and symbolic imagery, the societal statements that inform us and keep us from opening to the gifts and beauty your stage of life bring.

*Painting by Jane Brideson