Letting the True You be Seen.

This painting started out as a sweet little image of a goddessy girl that was something of a practice session. I had just ordered a new book on painting faces and wanted to try out the techniques.


I liked what I had created but it lacked the magic and soul that I crave in my true Soul Painting work.  This painting sat on my alter for quite some time before I picked her up again.  I asked myself:

" What does she need to feel true for me?" 

What came forward for me was that she was indeed beautiful, but she was not my soul expressed.  She was a commercialized, slightly pop-culturized image of beauty and woman that lacked connection to the goddess within me.  So I began to rework her.  Part of me was ready to turn the painting in a totally different direction and go abastract with it but I kept hearing:

" Keep her and allow the goddess within you to be seen".

So I kept going with her, allowing her to show me what needed to come forward.  This painting is what came through...



It clearly is completely different. She is a different sort of beautiful than the first one.  A sort of beauty that activates my soul space. 

I feel she tells a more truthful story of what lives within me.

I actually think the original painting was lovely and it certainly appealed to my esthetic eye,  but that is not always what soul work is about. 

My work as an artist and spiritual initiate is about truth and soul alignment. This is what am seeking to feel as the painting unfolds.