Getting unstuck

Solstice love and blessings to you! I love the aliveness of this part of the year. The natural world is bursting with life and creativity and it certainly fuels my own dreams and creative happenings. 

I am grateful to be feeling really in flow lately. It feels extra amazing as, I have to say, I was actually not feeling in flow for a while there. As many of you know, I took a big leap in my life this past winter and let go of a long-standing occupation in order to expand my work as an artist and energy healer. I started out with a lot of energy, although there was certainly some fear there at times. I managed to work though the fear and was in a deeply creative time, painting, as well as reopening my energy healing practice. I feel as though I birthed it all with the launch of my website and art show this past May. 

What I experienced after that was not exactly what I expected. I totally crashed emotionally. I couldn't look at my website and what I had stated there.  I couldn't go to the cafe where my paintings were hanging without feeling major anxiety. I was something of a mess. EVERYTHING that lay in my unconscious that had kept me from fully standing in my true heart's call was up and I WAS IN IT. 

Now, I am an energy healer and as one, I have the capacity to clear my own blocked energy.  It's a daily practice for me to clear deeply held negative beliefs, blocked emotions and trauma. It's actually become a very regular, normal thing for me to tune in, find out what the issue is that is causing an upset in my life and clear it out with spiritual healing work as I walk through the grocery store or fold laundry. It's an extraordinary, yet to me, ordinary,  seeing, knowing, and feeling of the subtle energy patterns in and around me. 

So of course I am a little stubborn when it comes for asking for help. I should be able to do this on my own! I have the capacity right?  Well, not always it seems. This brick wall of energetic goo was so strong I couldn't get beyond it and it really "had" me. I was really stuck.

Finally, I realized I needed to call on an external presence to assist me with my healing work. Some inner issues are too big and too tightly wound to clear on my own. This was certainly one of those times.

With the help of my personal energy healer, Stacy, I was able to move myself from this deeply blocked place. My god, I was grateful. It's taken me a couple of weeks to trust the flow within me after that intensity, but here I am back, certain, and ready to continue.

I am blessed in my life, that through my 15 years of energy healing, meditation studies that I have gathered a significant number of people like Stacy whom I can go to for help in times like this. Those who can perceive the deeper energy patterns and hold space with me to clear them.  For this I am grateful. 

I am also aware that this is not common place for most folks and that seeing and knowing beyond our familiar 5 senses is not an everyday experience.  I am sure one could feel quite helpless to clear deep unconscious patterns and feel held hostage by them.

I would like to share with you that I am here for you if you are in need.  If you notice that you have lost connection to your creative flow and essential self and are not sure how to reconnect,  I can help you.  I know what it feels like to lose connection, it happens to us all the time. I also know, with out a shadow of a doubt, that the wound that pushed you off your center is not who you are!  I will help you hold that truth as I work with you.

If you are feeling my words in your heart and are in need of support, please let me know.  A deep connection to yourself and being able to express and create your life from there is the most satisfying experience I know of.  It also frees you from the suffering that these wounded places keep you locked into.