Elephant Medicine

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt extremely agitated by it? Regardless of how lovely it is? That's what happened to me with this painting. I honestly felt like my energy body was getting blown out every time I looked at it. I actually really liked the final look of the work, so it wasn't my inner critic doing it's thing. Nope. This was full blown, unconscious triggering. I really had to commit to sitting with this feeling and inquiring within as to what it was trying to share with me. The intuitive message that came was this painting held the presence of the elephant's spirit and the energy of their maternal society.

What was coming forward for me was that I was being asked to take notice of ALL WAYS I resist, judge, and resent being a mother. Not only that, I was also being asked to honour my inner Matriarch as a powerful force within me. To stand in her and love her as my true offering at this time. Needless to say, the creating of this piece as well as the week after, as it sat on my alter, were heavy with energetic clearing.

There is an incredible interconnection between creativity and our personal unfolding. I am continuously in awe of the process!