Is creativity essential for you?

As a creative woman, it is essential for your creative energy to be flowing through whatever outlet you choose.  Without this you begin to wither, you become unwell, relationships get difficult or you may find yourself depressed or anxious. 

This natural flow is stopped for many reasons.  You may have come to believe for some reason or another that this process is not a good idea. There are beliefs, conscious or unconscious that are saying "no" to who you are and what you are inspired to do in the world.

For women who truly feel the call toward creating anything...  it is essential to your health and well being to let that creative force flow.  Damning it up will make you sick.  Your Spirit is calling you and you keep pushing the call aside.  Gradually, pushing back that river of truth begins to exhaust you.  You can become unwell.  

For some people, artistic and creative work is a necessity.  It is an absolute need.  Sound familiar? 

It's important to clear the beliefs and unconscious patterns that hold your natural flow back so you naturally return to your inner gift and call toward creation.  As you align with your truth and innate call within, your essence will guide you back to balance and the creative life you love.