Spirit Painting

There is magic in this painting. I keep having hummingbirds hover, or land on a branch beside me while I have been working on it. In the Incan shamanic teachings, hummingbirds are messengers from Spirit. The teach about the epic journey of our lives to find home within.

I have been, for a while quite aware that there is whole lot more happening for me than just creativity while I am painting. There is a direct relationship between my personal healing process and what is coming through in the paint. I never set out to paint anything. I just let Spirit guide me through the process. I know that everything that unfolds is a message, symbol or healing gift to me, as well as a seeing something more withing myself. I see images in the abstract, just as you would in a cloud and bring them forward. I listen to what the painting want to become. At times, there is a lot of ugly going on and if I get into judgement about it, I know the paint is showing me and issue I have withing myself, about myself. This is soul work.

 There is always a deep completion for me when I finish a piece. As though I have graduated from something. I feel that each one holds the energy of what I am working on and offers that to the viewer. There is always resolve by the end of the work, which means there is a complete healing of the issues at hand. As though the image holds the template of integration, wholeness and truth.


Artwork by Kimberly Leslie