A Call to Women With Creativity in Their Bones.

Artist unknown

Artist unknown


Dear Creative Woman,

Whether you are actively creating right now, or not, you know that you have art in you that wants to be expressed. Deep down you also know that your artistic process is life force and fuel for your Spirit.  Your art is a form of healing for you and for others who come into contact with it.

You may be a prolific artist who is feeling stuck, plateaued or unsatisfied in some way.  You have found your self in a "safe zone" and are not moving forward. You are not at your edge; no longer growing.

Or, you may know it is essential for you to create in some way, but you don't.  You may find you stop this natural flow for long periods of time.  You hold back your creative life force, your passion... and it is felt.  You become agitated, depressed or disconnected from yourself.

And for some of you, your outward artistry may not yet be manifest.  You may feel drawn to creative expression, or you love art in a deep way.  You may find yourself obsessively re-decorating your home or often shopping for new clothes in an effort to express yourself.  You may feel something is missing in your life - a core piece of you just isn't satisfied or fulfilled.

You are awakening to Spirit in some way.  You have a relationship with Spirit. You are aware that you are Spirit in a body. You hold the intention to align and deepen your connection to your Divine Nature. 

You are ready to heal what keeps you from fully expressing your Divine Nature through your chosen creative form.  You are ready to invite Spirit to move through you and work with you in your creative process.

Despite feeling creatively blocked, plateaued, or limited in some way, you feel ready to surrender and open your creative flow.

You are an artist. You need to create.  This is who you are.  It is essential.


From my creative heart to yours,

It is a deep call for me the help you keep this passion and powerful energy flowing.  I am here to assist you in deepening into your creative gifts.  I can help by clearing what stands between you and your true essence from fully expressing itself through your chosen art form.

I am here to be a midwife to the magic that wants to come through you. 

It is my work in this world to create beauty and to remove obstacles from within myself, and from within other women, that hold back the healing power of creation and beauty.

I am here for you - to hold space for you so you can come home to yourself. 


Blessing and Love to you,