Souls Garden

Hello Beauties,

Oh my. My my my. The experience of witnessing a completed Soul Painting is something else. It's like it settles in to my body, anchors in to my being as I spend time with it. It shares wisdom with me, helps me to know more about myself and activates truths from within me. As I sit with this freshly completed piece, I am feeling the echo of the last year inside of me. Over this last year, I fully stepped into my real work as an intuitive healer and artist who experiences Spirits guidance through inner awareness and sacred art making. I didn't know exactly what that looked like but I just began. I painted all the time. I meditated, I created a website, I went to art fairs, I started a Soul Painting class. I went to intuitive fairs, I wrote newsletters and I kept painting. Through it all I came up against massive resistance and anxiety that took me down at times... I still do, and I keep going. This painting is showing and sharing something with me that speaks to me deeply... here I am, with a fully bloomed rose at my back, my love, my vision for my life's work in the darkness, the unmanifest realm. I have a foot through the doorway where my vision is blooming and there is life and vibrancy everywhere. I have literally being in a birthing process all year and the baby is coming through the portal from unmanifest to manifest. Mamma's, you know this place... it is not the easiest part of the journey, it is often the hardest. It often is where you want to give up, where you have to drawn from the last of your reserves to push that babe into the world. So here I go... this baby is coming through, I am stepping through the threshold and ready to see look my soul creation in the eyes fully. And so it is.