Feminine Soul Wisdom

This is what is on my "in progress" easel right now.

There are times where I go a long time without painting. I get busy with being a mamma, with taking care of my sensitive body and spirit, and with the sometimes out of control wounded masculine that lives in me, who is all business all the time.

I will go weeks at a time away from my sacred creative process. I think this is good at times, to take space and allow the next painting to emerge from with in me. While other times, I know I am avoiding it for some reason.

Yesterday, after a very long stretch of not painting, a very intense energy began to grow in my second chakra. It was an immense feeling that had an urgency to it.

I sat down in meditation to check in and ask it what it needed.

The answer I received was that a Soul Painting was ready to be born. I needed to paint and I needed to paint immediately.

The experience of the feeling was a sort of energetic start to labouring, much like birthing a child. It was a a powerful, bursting at the seams, there is no where else to go but through this experience sort of feeling.

So I began and as I painted, deep releases in my energy body began as I worked this energy through me into the painting. I kept having to let go of my head and move back into the flow and guidance of my intuition.

As this woman appeared, I felt her within me, an aspect of me coming alive, being seen, landing and available to me once more. To me, she feels like a powerful, available expression of the Divine Feminine who holds the old traditions of reverence for the earth, living simply and in alignment with the sacred cycles of the earth and life.

She is me, at my core, beyond the conditioning of the world that I live in. She aligns me with ways that I have always known but sometimes discredit due to conditioning. The ways of humility, honouring the deep sacredness of everything, of the feminine gift of creation and what that holds.

She also deepens my understanding of what my creativity "does". It reweaves energy threads in the mass consciousness. It opens a doorway for others to step into the state that the painting holds and release the old limiting energies that stand it the way. The creations that are coming through her are gifts from Spirit to assist humanity in awakening.


I had a call after sharing this story and image online yesterday from someone very close to me.  She shared that she felt a deep connection to what was emerging and wanted to buy the painting when it was completed.  This is what this important work is about... connecting these works with who they are meant for in this world. Here she is, after a late night painting session, completed....

IMG_3884 (1).jpg