I am the Soul. 

I am Divine Creativity.

I am Love.

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I am on a personal path of Soul Alignment and Soul Embodiment.  Through my work to align with the truth of who I am, I have come to serve others on their unique journey home to themselves.

The ability to see, know, feel, and hear beyond the ordinary realm has always been with me.  Much like any skill, it's taken years of study, personal meditation practice and training under highly developed teachers to hone my abilities, and to now offer these gifts in service. 

My training as a healing practitioner took place at Langara College where I spent 5 years studying to obtain a diploma in Integrative Energy Healing.  From there I immersed myself in further teachings in the Incan Shamanic path, forgiveness work, belief clearing, sound healing, flower essences and past life regression.  I have been offering this work to others for 12 years.

I am also in the process of completing the Color of Woman School of Intentional Creativity as an instructor.

As one travels this path, the Inner Teacher emerges.  The Soul, or the Essence of Self, begins to speak and guide you.  The God spark within begins to lead the way.  The greatest healing education I have received is by following my Inner Teacher and clearing my own issues.  In doing this, I have allowed the truth of who I am to direct my life.

Over the last several years, I answered the call of my heart more fully and began creating art.  Through this process, I have uncovered a tremendous vehicle for healing and spiritual embodiment. 

Our art tells a story.  It shares where we are in flow with ourselves and where we are hiding from our light.  It informs us in ways that are deep, soulful and beyond the thinking mind. 

It is my intention to assist others in returning to the truth of their wise hearts. I am honored to offer soul painting sessions & workshops, intuitive soul readings, energy clearings and to share my artwork with you.

It is my sincere hope my offerings are of service to you.