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paintings and prints by Kimberly Leslie

Soul Paintings and Prints

Feeling drawn to a piece of art is like seeing a bit of your inner landscape in form.  It may speak to some part of you so strongly that you feel the need to have it in your life.  I feel this is, in essence, a form of healing.  Art expresses for us. 

Everything you love "out there" in the world is a part of yourself - a mirror reflection of your inner being.  It is self love.  When you come into contact with a piece of art that lights your soul up, it is activating your Divine Essence. 

I share my work because I believe feeling our true self is important.  To see with our eyes how we feel inside has an incredible soul-settling effect.  It can help us feel more at home in our world. 

I invite you to explore my artwork and see if anything lights your soul up.

Commissioned Soul Paintings

This ceremonial process begins with us opening sacred space together, setting an intention and inviting your Soul to express itself through the painting.

I then intuitively paint what I am guided to with the intention that you receive the images, colours, shapes and energies that define and resonate with your deepest self. 

The final artwork becomes as talisman, an object that holds the energy of your soul, which can assist you in maintaining a connection to your Divine Nature.

The image has the power to help us remember our wholeness
~Marion Woodman

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