Through acknowledging the soul and guiding it into embodiment, you can find wholeness, inner alignment and truth.


Energy Healing



Are you being called to go deeper into your spiritual and creative life?

Perhaps you are feeling blocked, disconnected or flat in your life in some way?

Have you considered that your soul is feeling limited in its expression?  That there may be inner blockages keeping you from connecting with the creative soul flow within you?

Energy clearings can assist you in releasing what holds back your soul infused creative expression.


What Happens in an energy clearing session?


A clearing session starts in conversation, bringing issues at hand to light through an exploration of what is happening for you.  I then guide you into your breath and body and we tune into where the blockage or heavy energy is held within in you.  We establish a deep grounded connection to the earth and invite Spirit to hold and transform the issue.  Acceptance, unconditional love and forgiveness emanate from Source and envelope the wound.  As acceptance for what is happening is felt, the charge of the issue begins to yield and the wound dissolves.  You are filled once again with your own Divine Essence and balance is restored. 

The work I offer is a very personal process.  Please connect with me for a free 20 minute phone chat.  This is a nice way to find out if I am the right person to guide you and will help establish trust before our first session.

Session investment

 75 minute session $140

Clearings are available in person or by phone.

Please come to your session in comfortable clothes and well hydrated.



“I am here to take you on a journey into yourself. Through our work together, you can find your way through the landscape of your inner world, to a place of deep and powerful stillness. A place of peace, of feeling solid, grounded and whole. From here, creativity flows naturally and with ease.